“Bring Your Values To Work Day!” – October 10, 2016

Have you noticed how a company’s culture changes when they host a “Bring Your Kids To Work Day”? For one day, people bring a little bit more of themselves into the workplace, and the engagement and quality of the entire work experience transforms for the better.

The simple presence of an outside observer – especially that of our children – makes us show up differently. We’re more supportive, collaborative, patient, and understanding. We show up in these and many other ways that are more in line with our core values; Values that are all too often left at the door as we enter our workplace.

Join me, Rob Kaiser, and our Purpose Development Specialist, David Frank Gomes, for a replay of this live, online broadcast, as we explore what would be possible if every day were, “Bring Your Values To Work Day.” We discuss topics like:

  • Can individual and corporate values really co-exist?
  • How do values shape corporate culture?
  • Is there a connection between values and the corporate bottom line?