Services for Organizations

Whether your people are coming, going, or somewhere in between, we want to help you and your employees have GREAT careers.

Services for Organizations


Our hiring services help employers and potential employees have deeper, meaningful, and more accurate hiring conversations. 

We help you assess hiring ‘fit’ based on the alignment of personal and corporate values, the presence of specific strengths needed for the role, and intersection between personal and professional purpose.  Our approach helps both parties get a feel for whether or not a particular employee-employer relationship is a good fit.

Hire better with:

  • Coaching skills for interviewers
  • 3rd party interview support
  • Developing values-strengths-purpose profiles for your organization’s roles
  • New-hire coaching for accelerated success



We help organizations create their own, unique culture by bringing to life the values, strengths, and purpose that are the foundation of their success.

The presence of personal values in the workplace is the number one driver of employee engagement.  When values are put into action through strengths, and focused by a personal purpose, once-ordinary places of work becomes inspiring.

Inspire better with:

  • Values, strengths, and purpose development for individuals, teams, and organizations
  • Leadership development programs and coaching
  • Performance improvement coaching
  • On-the-job, live-action coaching
  • Coaching skills training
  • Custom workshop development
  • Employee engagement support


We help your exiting employees return to their baseline – or better! – level of pre-layoff wellbeing.

The key is our unique approach to helping our clients develop and apply three fundamental tools at the heart of any successful change; values, strengths, and purpose.  With these core tools in place, our clients move through the trauma and drama of severance quicker, make a cleaner break from their former employer, and move on to ‘what’s next’ faster, and with more clarity and confidence.

Fire better with:

  • Severance and succession planning and support
  • Individual transition support coaching
  • Our “Foundations for Change” workshop and coaching experience