Services for Individuals

Sometimes we choose change.

It’s easy to get comfortable in a job.  Work that was once new and exciting can, over the years, turn into nothing more than an empty routine and a pay check.  Things at work may not be bad, but they’re sure not great either.  And there’s this little voice in our head that keeps telling us, “There’s got to be something better.”  If it’s true the best time to change jobs is when you already have one, then maybe your time has come.

Every day we spend at a job we don’t love we miss the opportunity to share our values, purpose, and strengths.

Sometimes change chooses us.

The unexpected loss of a job can be one of the toughest changes we face in our lives.  Even when the separation is friendly, the sudden change in circumstances and the ripple effect it has in our lives can significantly impact our physical, mental, and emotional health.  While it can be tempting to just jump at the next job to come along, our experience is, that’s rarely the best change we could make.

Even when change chooses us, we still get to choose how we will respond.

Individual Services:

Individual Coaching

Making real, lasting, change that truly betters the quality of our life is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves (and those around us!).  It’s empowering.  We learn from it.  We grow.  Through change, done well, we become better, happier, more capable people.

Change can also be challenging.  Sometimes just thinking about making a change can be so overwhelming we simply resign ourselves to tolerating the status quo.  But, deep down, we know this isn’t sustainable, and it’s just a matter of time until our circumstances will force us into something different.

Why not change on your own terms?

Having a coach on your side can help you:

  • Understand the specific gaps or challenges of your current situation,
  • Clarify the right change to make and develop the best approach to get there, and
  • Stay focused, motived, accountable, and continually making progress.

Our approach is as powerful as it is simple.  We help you identify and develop your values, strengths, and purpose, and learn how to apply them as practical tools for change.  By helping you build these foundational skills, what you learn will not only help you make a more successful career change, but can help you better shape any aspect of your life.

Foundations for Change Program

COMING SOON:  Our premium career change experience…

This program is a balanced blend of in-person workshop experiences with one-on-one coaching.  With this combination of professionally designed and facilitated group interaction and private, individualized support, you’ll gain clarity on what your next move should be and have the confidence and skills to help you get there.

The focus isn’t on tasky, to-do list items, but on helping you build the fundamental skills and concepts at the heart of any successful change.  We facilitate career change by helping you:

  • Develop you core values,
  • Identify your top strengths, and
  • Align those elements through your purpose to find meaningful work.

At a glance, the program includes:

  • 16 hours of in-person workshop experience
  • Six ours of one-on-one coaching
  • Four hours of group webinar discussion
  • All required books and materials

Free Outplacement Consultation

Our job transition services for individuals can be requested when negotiating a severance agreement. 

Give us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We can even connect you to seasoned and trusted employment lawyers who have been successful in negotiating our services for their clients, because they, like us, want you to make an awesome career transition.