Rob Kaiser

Consultant – Coach – Values Development Specialist                                                                 

Pulling network cable and configuring routers in my early years gave way to becoming one of Accenture’s first Enterprise Architects.  In this role, I learned to build business solutions working across people, process, and technology.  From there I joined a new IT and business strategy group where I learned how critical strategy, organization design, and governance are to a company’s success. Then I ran the business operations of Accenture’s Infrastructure Consulting group; leading financial, human capital, learning, and strategic initiatives driving the growth of this $1B US division across five industries, globally.

I’ve been fortunate to have lead transformational change efforts with some amazing organizations.  I was part of the team that launched Sprint PCS.  I standardized technology for Pfizer throughout their European operations.  And, lead business technology integration projects for some of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical space.  This work lead to me being named to Accenture Leadership’s top 10%, and receiving the Accenture Hero award for my contributions to Corporate Citizenship, Mentoring, and People Development.

Building high-performing, global teams has taught me one critical truth that transcends borders; What makes a person successful isn’t what they’ve done, but who they are.  Since founding Revivae Consulting in 2012, my work has been focused on helping individuals and executive teams alike get better business results by becoming better leaders and building better cultures.  At the heart of our success is Revivae’s proprietary approach to values development, that we’ve used to help companies hire more accurately, improve performance management, build healthy teams, and set strategies that inspire.