Office Supplies

  • All office equipment is power-smart certified, and devices with an automatic ‘power-save’ mode are used when available.
  • While we work electronically as much as possible, when we do need to print something, we use 100% recycled paper.
  • Printer cartridges are re-used by having toner or ink refilled by a local service provider.


  • We use Urban Impact for recycling of all paper, containers, and cardboard.
  • All printers are equipped with two-sided printing capabilities, and we use this option as much as possible to reduce our paper consumption.
  • Growing City is our partner for composting of all organic materials.
  • Even our coffee service is green.  All coffee packaging is recycled, and left-over coffee grounds are composted.


  • Our team minimizes travel by using collaboration tools like Google+ and Skype for virtual team meetings.
  • When local travel is required, we encourage the use of public transportation by reimbursing 100% of our team’s public transit costs.


  • Task-based lighting in individual and group workspaces, as well as our common areas and kitchens, means lights are only on when they need to be.
  • We’re transitioning to 100% LED lighting.  As our current, higher-energy bulbs reach their end-of life, they’re being replaced with these more energy-friendly bulbs.

We’re always looking for ways to ‘up our game.’  If you have ideas on how we can take our sustainability program further, or you’d like to become one of our sustainable service providers, please drop us a note.