The Value-Driven Organization

Values.  At Work.
You know you want ’em.

What creates and sustains a truly engaged workplace?  It’s not high pay.  It’s not a pool table in the break room.  It’s not bringing your dog to work.


The single most important factor in employee engagement is… the presence of personal values in the workplace.


Revivae® helps leaders and their organizations be value driven by aligning and strengthening individual and corporate values. Imagine what would be possible in an organization where attracting talent, developing people, building leaders, setting strategy, resolving conflict, responding to change, and even transitioning staff out when the time comes – were all grounded in a value-driven approach.  That’s what we do.  Values.  At work.

When personal and corporate values are aligned, business success is astoundingly influenced:

  • Engagement is high
  • Attrition is low
  • Hiring accuracy improves
  • People are more creative and collaborative
  • Sick days drop
  • Revenues rise

We use our Value-Driven Organization Framework to partner with companies of all sizes, types, and industries, to build a custom strategy to be value driven. This complementary set of services is how we help you bring your values to life in practical, powerful, and profitable ways.

Where will your value-driven journey begin?  We’re ready when you are.