Talent Integration

Hiring based on personal and corporate value alignment creates an upward spiral in the quality of your corporate culture. The stronger a candidate’s personal values support the target role and organization, the more engaged and effective they’re going to be.

Talent Integration helps employers and potential employees have deeper, more meaningful, more accurate hiring conversations. By helping companies assess fit based on the intersection of personal and corporate values, we help both parties get a feel for whether or not a particular employee-employer relationship is right.

With the Company
About 80% of an interviewer’s job is assessing ‘fit’ of a candidate. We help companies integrate their corporate values into their hiring processes, increasing consistency and accuracy for attracting and selecting the right people.

With the Candidate
We offer a variety of methods, all based on our Values Development and Assessment Tool, to help external candidates develop their personal values and explore the fit (or, gap!) with their target company and role.


Accelerate Their Success

You’ve invested significant resources in hiring just the right person. Make the most of your effort and accelerate their success with support from one of our Accredited Values Professionals.

One-on-one performance coaching can help your new people deepen the connection between their personal and corporate values, build strong relationships, learn how to operate authentically in their new environment, and identify opportunities to contribute right away.