People and Leadership Development

When it comes to people and leadership development, one size does not fit all. Revivae’s team of coaches works one-on-one with our clients to create a customized development program, and support its successful delivery. And, because we know research shows the presence of personal values is the main driver of engagement in the workplace, every one of our coaches is an Accredited Values Professional.

We use each client’s on-the-job challenges as experiential learning opportunities for professional growth. Whether you’re delivering a high-profile project, facing a time of significant change, preparing for a new role, or building interpersonal or other leadership skills… having a coach in your corner will help you be more successful.

We coach personal lives as well. Personal struggles are inevitably brought into the workplace and affect our performance. Maintaining a healthy balance in all aspects of life is good for your people, your business, and your community.

We strengthen the coach-client relationship with our Values Development & Assessment Software. Goal setting, maintaining work-life balance, and measuring an individual’s personal and professional progress over time is all done online, and all done with alignment of individual and corporate values in mind.