Monika Kawka

Coach – Strengths Development Specialist                                             

A very formative work experience happened for me at the age of 20. I was attending evening college as a social psychology student at Triton in Chicago, Illinois while maintaining a full-time job. It was my first official employment. I had been hired as a Psycho Social Assistant at Lexington Healthcare Centre in Elmhurst IL. Assigned to senior psychologist Gwen’s team, I was trained and soon was preparing and running activities with residents.

Gwen’s approach to managing her young interns had an impact that forever shaped my professional development. Her team worked under a system built on 3 main pillars: Trust, Autonomy, and Support.

We overcame many challenges.  We were constantly learning. Difficulties and routine transformed into empowerment and satisfaction.  I loved coming to work every day.

I was very lucky in that my next employer, a large MNC, progressive and thorough in its training, treated me similarly. I got to participate in dozens of training, and professional development courses all over the world.  I learned the power of listening.  I learned the power of progress.  I learned who you work with is absolutely essential.  I learned there is no limit to what I can learn.

I then moved from the player to the coach – from the client to the service provider. I am a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and an Engagement Dialogue & Group Creativity Facilitator.  I’ve worked extensively in Leadership Development and love to design workshops that are a structure for active learning.

For those who enjoy the letters and numbers: I have a BA in Education, worked for eight years in various HR Directorships, and have 11 years of Leadership and Team Development Consulting experience.  I’ve lead teams of various sizes on over 30 projects for multi-national corporations, midsize and small, private and public-sector companies. I am a certified coach, fluent in Polish and English, a photographer, an avid hiker, lived in four countries, worked in many more than that.  I have one partner and one son.


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