Jaime Alvarez

Business Operations – Special Events                                                  

Jaime is the heart of Revivae.  He keeps our back-end office functions running, our office space in tip-top shape, and is always ready to help a client with a question or an introduction to one of our specialists.

Jaime doesn’t just run our office, he also designed our unique space.  An exceptional host and event planner, Jaime is your man if you’d like to host an off-site meeting, workshop, or special event for your team or clients.

Before joining Revivae, Jaime put his eye for operational efficiency and sustainability to work at Fluor, as the team lead for Office Services and HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment programming).  Prior to that, he showed his entrepreneurial spirit by starting his own property management company in Chicago.  This business grew quickly and almost exclusively on word-of-mouth referrals about the quality of service and high customer satisfaction.

Jaime is also in charge of our sustainability program – a great example of how small business can make a big impact.


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