Individual Values Development

Values are the most effective and practical tool for personal and professional development we’ve seen.  And recent workforce studies agree, showing the presence of personal values in the workplace is the number one driver of employee engagement.

But, putting values to work in a meaningful way requires the proper tools and proceVDAT Image Montagesses to effectively implement and maintain them at scale in an organization.  Our proprietary approach to values development is supported by our Values Development & Assessment Tool, and provides a consistent and repeatable approach for values development & assessment, as it helps your employees:

  • Assess how engaged they are in various aspects of life,
  • Identify and connect with their core values,
  • Assess how ‘strong’ their values are,
  • Develop personal and professional development plans focused on increasing value strength, and
  • Set benchmarks to help measure progress over time.

Solution Overview

  • Our solution is fully hosted and secure.  
  • We provide functional and technical support.
  • There’s no need for additional, in-house resources.
  • Works with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.
  • The software is free when engaging Revivae for People & Leadership Development work.


For Business

Let us bring our training program to your own HR, change, or coaching staff.  We’ll give your company an effective, in-house capability to put values to work for your employees and your bottom line.

  • Your people access your organization’s own version of our Values Development & Assessment Tool.
  • Get aggregate results to measure culture health and inform culture change initiatives, assess work/life balance, and identify and address ‘weak spots’ in your culture before they become business problems.
  • Give your in-house coaches or HR resources secure access to assessment results for ongoing leadership, performance, and professional development coaching.  (Or, outsource this to our team of Accredited Values Professionals.)


For Individuals

If you’re a coach, counsellor, social worker, or other change professional, our software can help you build your business and your brand:

  • Let your clients access your own version of our Values Development & Assessment Tool.
  • Have your client’s values and assessment results at your finger tips during your work with clients for powerful sessions.
  • Set and review benchmarks with your clients to help them see and measure their progress and growth over time.



With a 4.8/5.0 overall satisfaction rating, the training program for our software is ready to get you skilled up and set up!

Check out our Values Software Training options for details.