Step 1:  Get Ready (Fit and Alignment)

You may be coming to coaching with a specific goal already in mind, or you might need a little help figuring out where to start.  Whatever you want to achieve, there’s likely someone on our team who can help you get there.

In our initial – and free – conversation, we will:

  • Make sure you understand what coaching is and isn’t,
  • Discuss your objectives, learning style, and expectations,
  • Determine what you most need from a coach to create the most powerful relationship.


Step 2:  Get Set (Values Development and Assessment)

The first phase of coaching is focused on measuring your current level of happiness; facilitating the development of your values; and assessing the strength of those values in various aspects of your life.

Supporting this work is Revivae’s proprietary Values Development and Assessment Tool.  You get life-time access to the tool, even when your coaching is complete, so you never have to stop your value-driven journey.


Step 3:  Go! (Continuous Improvement)

Now that you know what your values are, you’re ready to start living them.

In Open Coaching, using whatever topic, challenge, or question you bring, we’ll help you develop the skills and tools to bring your values to life in practical, powerful ways.


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