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If you meet the requirements (below) for this course, you may try a free, 45-minute coaching session to experience a portion of the value development & assessment process for yourself.  You’ll leave this call with a first draft of one of your own values, and a better understanding of why we believe our approach to values development is so powerful.

Schedule your free session with Rob Kaiser, the designer of the Values Development & Assessment Tool, or get in touch with any questions.

What’s the program look like?

  • It starts with a one-on-one values development coaching session.
  • Group calls present key concepts on values development for discussion and Q&A, provide recommendations on specific coaching and facilitation skills for each step of the process, and demonstrate how to use the software.
  • Between group sessions, participants play the role of both client and facilitator in ‘coaching diads’ to practice their new skills, get real-time feedback, and experience the values development & assessment process from start to finish.
  • Articles, homework, templates, a sample framework, and one-on-one feedback of a final exam help lock in the learning.

Check out this VDAT Training Overview for a closer look.


Learn how to:

  • Coach others with our unique and proven approach to values development.
  • Use the VDAT and guide others in effectively completing their values work with you.
  • Integrate the VDAT into your professional practice in service of your client niche.
  • Use a client’s assessment results to select a value-driven change strategy
  • Use Benchmarking to help a client monitor their progress over time
  • Use our Harmony software to view client work, results, and value detail, and assessment results online for powerful coaching sessions.  (See “Software Licensing” for details.)



  • Prior certification, licensing, or accreditation as a coach, counselor, social worker.
  • Access to and familiarity with a current version of one of these free web browsers to get the best performance from the software; Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, or Apple’s Safari for Mac OS X.
  • Access to and familiarity with Skype for group video calls.
  • Complete 15-16 hours of course work over six weeks, including:
    • Five group calls from one to 1.5 hours each
    • Coaching diad work between group calls to practice each step of the VDAT process.
    • Writing an open-book exam within one week of the final group call.
    • Compelling a final, one-on-one ‘lock and learn’ call for individual Q&A on the program and to review exam results.


Software Licensing

This training will teach you how to use our full set of software tools, but does not include licensing of either your own, private version of the VDAT or the Harmony tool for online access to client data.

Licensing our products is not required.  Everyone completing this course able to use the free, public version of our software with their clients.

Individual licenses are $25/month or $250/year, and includes:

  1. Your own, private version of the VDAT
  2. The ability to view client progress, assessment results, benchmark data, and value definition detail online
  3. Free training on future software enhancements and updates
  4. Quarterly calls with other licensees to share tools & tips and to guide the functional direction of the software

Non-profit pricing is available.


Registration – $245

Group calls are on Wednesdays, the 20th and 27th of July; and the 3rd, 10th, 17th of August.
Calls start at 9:00am PST (GMT/UTC -8)

Give us a call with any questions, or..

Click here to register…  (Registration closes July 18th.)

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