Traditional outplacement services don’t address the emotional, mental, and physical impacts of severance.  

When these fundamentals aren’t addressed, people experience a longer and more challenging return to work.

Studies have shown people recover more quickly from the death of a loved one than a period of sustained unemployment.  So, why do so many outplacement programs focus on superficial ‘to-do list’ items like updating resumes and writing cover letters?  This approach neglects the most important element of all in these transactions… the person.

There’s a better way.

Revivae’s Transition Support service offers a more human and highly-personalized approach to navigating this time of change.  By helping you return to their baseline, or better,  level of pre-layoff wellbeing, so you can confidently move on to ‘what’s next.’

Transition better with:

  • Transition Support Coaching

Transition Support Services can be requested to be provided and paid for by your employer when negotiating a severance agreement.

Give us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We can even connect you to seasoned and trusted employment lawyers who have been successful in negotiating our services for their clients, because they, like us, want you to make an awesome career transition.

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