Ending an employer-employee relationship is tough for both parties, even under the best of circumstances.

Studies have shown people recover more quickly from the death of a loved one than a period of sustained unemployment.  So, why do so many outplacement programs focus on superficial ‘to do list’ items like updating resumes and writing cover letters?  This approach neglects the most important element of all in these transactions… the person.

Traditional outplacement doesn’t address the emotional, mental, and physical impacts of severance.  When these fundamentals aren’t addressed, people experience a longer and more challenging return to work, and are often speaking poorly of their former employer long after their transition to a new job.

There’s a better way… 

Revivae’s Transition Support service offers companies a more socially-responsible approach for mitigating severance risks, while improving the employer’s image and brand.  By helping exiting employees return to their baseline, or better,  level of pre-layoff wellbeing, we help them make a cleaner and faster break from their former company, and move on to ‘what’s next.’

Fire better with:

  • Severance support coaching for employer staff
  • Transition support coaching for exiting employees

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