Values Development & Assessment

This is where your value-driven life begins.

Over the course of eight, one-on-one coaching sessions, your values development and assessment work is professionally facilitated, supported by our proprietary Values Development & Assessment Tool.  One-on-one facilitation with your coach ensures you get the most accurate results, maximize learning and insights, and start building skills to get you results… fast!  

You will:

  • Learn key concepts and principles in play when living and leading from your values.
  • Identify your top values and understand how to use them as a practical framework for making decisions, setting goals, developing change strategies, and successfully navigating life in general.
  • Assess how present your values are in various aspects of your life.
  • Use your assessment results to identify barriers to happiness and change.
  • Develop a value-driven strategy to address a current challenge or move toward a goal.
  • Learn practical skills to start strengthening your values and putting them into action.

Most clients finish their assessment work somewhere around session five or six, and use the remaining sessions to apply their values in open coaching (see below).


Open Coaching

An open coaching package provides long-term support for making effective and lasting change.   This is where we explore your challenges, big questions; unmet needs; worries, doubts, fears, regrets; and, of course, your dreams and desires. You control the agenda.  We’ll use whatever you bring to the conversation to help you set goals, make decisions, and continually strengthen your character, by living an evermore value-driven life.


Pay as You Go

For shorter term goals or support, or for those who aren’t yet ready to commit in a bigger way, the ‘pay-as-you-go’ option might be right for you. There’s no long-term commitment here.  If you want coaching just once one month, and twice a couple months later… no problem!  You choose how many sessions you’d like and when you’d like to have them.


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