David Frank Gomes

Coach – Purpose Development Specialist                                          

David’s motto: Be yourself – The world will adjust!

David has been referred to as a relentless idealist, practical thinker, sounding board, and someone with a “refreshingly fresh” perspective. He’s a self-confessed enemy of the status quo. His grade 5 teacher said he was creative but had a tendency to be disruptive in class. Guilty as charged.

He understands how to connect the dots and find the heartbeat in ideas and people.  His creative background and history bring an original spirit to his coaching along with boundless enthusiasm and inspiration.

When he wore a younger man’s clothes, David trained at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, England.  He later worked for Suki’s International in Vancouver as one of their top hair stylists during the 1980’s.  

As a writer and filmmaker, David has produced films for non-profits, foundations, and individuals.  He wrote, directed and produced the feature film “aWake” in 2006.

He is the Co-Founder and curator of Woo Talks.  These evenings of storytelling and relationship building take place at the elegant Sai Woo in Vancouver’s Historic Chinatown.  It’s an evening celebrating the human spirit, building local community, and giving ordinary people to tell their extraordinary story.

David volunteers as the Canadian Youth Programs Director and board member for the Create Change Foundation.  Create Change helps high school students become change makers.  David mentors these students, teaching them marketing and leadership skills while raising money to support girl’s education in Northern Ghana.

David was trained by Master Coaches from The Coaches Training Institute and is an Accredited Values Professional.  He has a thirty-year practice of mindfulness and meditation in one of the great wisdom traditions and helps others navigate the maze of finding their purpose in the realities of the digital 21st century.


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