Culture Creation

Why do we take a values-based approach to creating awesome cultures?  It’s simple:

“How happy we are with our lives is directly dependent on how present our values are in our lives.”

– Rob Kaiser, Revivae

The “Value Strength and Engagement” chart shows the aggregate results of a group of 124 people who were coached through our values development & assessment process.  Which aspect of life had the greatest gap between value strength and happiness?  “Work.”  This group was their least authentic, creative, resourceful, confident, and motivated when at their place of work.  At Revivae, we know the presence of personal values in the workplace is the single most important factor in creating a culture of engagement.

Revivae partners with organizations to develop and deliver initiatives focused on improving the weakest element affecting engagement and work-life balance; creating powerful, value-driven cultures through the strength and resiliency of its greatest asset… its people.

What would the Value Strength Profile look like for your organization?  Your leadership team?  Your self?

We’ve got resources that are effective as stand-alone solutions, and, even better, can work together to get exponential results as part of your larger transformation program:

Culture Creation...

Values. At Work.

Our popular, one-hour exploration of how values can be used as powerful and practical tools for making effective and lasting change.  

Perfect for a lunch-and-learn, a wellness initiative, a team builder, an add-on to your leadership development initiatives, or a way to test the value-driven waters and get to know us.  Through a mix of presentation, discussion, and real client examples, we’ll look at:

  • The connection between value strength and engagement,
  • What makes a value an effective change tool,
  • True stories of personal values in action, and
  • If you’re a business-focused group, add a half hour to take look at a sample model for a value-driven organization.

The energy of our office has been completely transformed since you spoke to us.  – Manager, Service Canada

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Coaching Skills Training

An intensive training designed to unlock your people potential by bringing coaching skills into your organization.

This modular, customizable course immerses your coaches-to-be in Revivae’s proprietary coaching framework, teaches participants what coaching is (and isn’t!), explains the science behind why coaching works, and provides plenty of hands-on experience to build skills and confidence.  After the training, take advantage of ongoing support for new coaches to help the learning ‘stick’ and for the ongoing development of coaching skills.

Here’s what some of our participants have said:

Well designed and practical.  Provides a solid knowledge base for coaching.

Worthwhile for both my coaching role and my personal life!

Made me comfortable I’ll be a successful coach.

Built a great group dynamic for our coaching team.

The exercises are awesome!

And our favourite comment of all time…

Not boring at all.

… how many courses have you attended you can say that about!?

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