Business Planning & Optimization

Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  And, while we generally agree, that’s only because business plans are typically developed in a way that produces nothing more than a dry and lifeless set of dates, deliverables, and targets.

A good strategy says who will do what by when.  A great strategy tells a story about why you’re doing something, and how you’ll go about it.  That’s why every great strategy is grounded in the values of an organization and it’s people.

Values connect the reason an organization exists to the purpose and intrinsic motivation of each individual. They are why people get on board with and support a strategy. And, for every change needed to deliver on that plan, there may be dozens of ways to get there, but only a few are going to align the outcome you want with an approach that aligns with your values. How a strategy is delivered is just as important as what is delivered.

What would be different if your strategy were built on your values?  We can help you find out.